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More About RTC - Rockingham Theatre Company

The group “Rockingham Entertainers” was formed in 1972,  operating out of the Rockingham High School Gym where they performed 4 musicals per year. The aim of the group was to raise money for local charities. 

Due to many changes around the mid 1980's the group needed to relocate, and took up residence in McLarty Hall, renting it for rehearsals and show performances. We later negotiated with the council a loan to build an annex for theatre use for storage of sets and costumes etc. While the  annexe remained the property of the local council and was leased back to us at a peppercorn rent. This was our home for many years producing musicals, comedies and variety shows mostly under the direction of Eileen Frith. Over the years Rockingham Entertainers have won many awards for their productions whilst also donating our proceeds to local charity groups, just maintaining enough funds to operate as a non profit group. 
By the mid 90's the group had grown in number and we needed to either modify the hall or purchase it from the council.  It was getting more and more difficult to secure booking the hall for rehearsals and shows.  It was even double booked for a wedding on a show night!!  Unfortunately purchasing or modifying the building wasn’t an option, so plans were initiated for the building of our own theatre. After a long road, we had a brand new theatre building, which was completed in 2000. We also we had a new name “Rockingham Theatre Company” to go with our new home at “The Castle”.
We have continued to grow from there and now have wonderful raked theatre seating and are constantly working towards improving our theatre. We usually stage four productions a year under the guidance of several different directors and actively encourage new members to participate in the theatre. 
Our aim now is to continue into the future promoting live theatre and performing arts in Rockingham. To improve the facilities and to continue to be a community based organisation. 
We are still a non profit group and continue to support local charities.  

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