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Written by: Norman Robbins

Directed by: Shaun Griffin & Sue Lawson

Auditions will be held at Rockingham Theatre Company (8 Attwood Way, Rockingham):

       at 7.30pm Monday 12th June 2023 &

       7.30pm Wednesday 14th June 2023

Albert is blessed with a loving wife, Muriel, and cursed with a fearsome mother-in-law, Boadicia. When his friend, Hilary Armitage, writes to him reminiscing about the good times they used to have, Boadicia reads the letter and is determined to remove her daughter from the clutches of this evil sex fiend.

Albert has a hard time explaining that the letter is perfectly innocent, as Hilary is a man. However, he isn’t helped when Hilary turns up wearing a blonde wig and evening gown.

Fun and mayhem follow in this farce.


Albert Perkins, mid 30’s - husband

Muriel Perkins, mid 30’s - wife

Boadicia Heptinstall, mid 60’s – Muriel’s mother

Wilf,  mid 60’s - neighbour

Hilary Armitage, mid 30’s – Albert’s friend

Virginia, mid 20’s – art student

Reverend Nookey, late 60’s

All ages are a guide only

For more information, please contact Shaun (0423397892) or Sue (

Performance dates are:

August 25,26,27

September 1,2,3,8,9

(Sunday 27th August and 3rd September are matinee shows at 2pm)

Auditions: About
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