Directed by: Sue Walker / Assistant Director: Sue Lawson


Performance Dates: 2nd to 24th July 2021


Welcome to Monkswell Manor

We've been expecting you"

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is the World's most successful and longest running play.

Come meet Mollie and Giles Ralston, newlyweds and new owners of the estate and Manor.  News on the radio about a murder hardly draws attention,

but when the couple and their guests are snowed in and the phone lines go down, they realize the murderer is on the loose in the guesthouse,

and they have no idea whodunnit.

An amateur production by arrangement with ORIGIN tm THEATRICAL, on behalf of Samuel French, Ltd. 

CAST OF CHARACTERS (stage ages are open to interpretation)

Mrs Boyle - Female 50+

Mrs. Boyle is an imposing woman in a bad temper; she complains about everything. She surveys everything with displeasure and looks at her surroundings disapprovingly. She is strangled at the end of the first act. Mrs. Boyle was a magistrate.

Miss Casewell - Female 20-30

Miss Casewell is described as a young woman masculine in appearance, bearing, and voice. She had a poor, deprived childhood too awful to think about.

Major Metcalf - Male 40-50

Major Metcalf is middle-aged, square-shouldered, military in manner and bearing. He is friendly and very polite. Metcalf is a policeman who is at the guest house undercover to help find a murderer.

Mr. Paravicini - Male 50+

A man of unknown provenance. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up. He is much taken with himself. He is a con man or crook.

Giles Ralston - Male 20-30

Giles is Mollie’s husband of exactly one year. He is arrogant and in his twenties. The two married only three weeks after meeting, so his past remains a mystery.

Mollie Ralston - Female 20-30

Mollie is a young woman in her 20s. She has been married for one year to Giles. Mollie knew him for only three weeks before they married. Mollie inherited the house from her aunt and then decided to turn the property into a guest house. Both husband and wife are inexperienced at running an inn and have no idea what they are doing.

Detective Sergeant Trotter - Male 20-30

Detective Sergeant Trotter is a cheerful, common-place young man who arrives at the guest house on skis. He has a slight cockney accent. He is supposedly there to protect the guests in the household and to find the murderer. He has a habit of twisting a lock of his hair when nervous. Trotter is likable and represents authority. He is not really a policeman.

Christopher Wren - Male 20-30

Christopher Wren is an unkempt and nervous young man. Wren is quick to confide and child-like. He also has a knowledge of and appreciation for fine furniture. Wren is friendly and likes to cook but is also nosy and prone to gossip.

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Directed by: Alison Gibson / Assistant Director: Sue Hasey


Performance Dates: 17th September to 2nd October 2021


A farcical comedy in two acts. 

Anita and Clive Debanks have been married for 28 years and have led an uneventful life. But all that is about to change. Although in a loveless marriage, Clive has never been unfaithful. However, as preparations for his fiftieth birthday are underway, Clive feels that life is passing him by and has a yearning for one last fling.

To this end, he chooses three prospective partners from the ‘lonely Hearts’ column in the local paper. By a strange twist of fate, the same paper is offering a Caribbean cruise, as the first prize, in a competition to find the perfect married couple. Anita enters the competition but keeps it a secret form Clive.

A photographer arrives to take pictures of the happy couple the night Anita is away, and Clive is busy at home, entertaining one of his new dates. From that point onwards, things get a little complicated, to say the least. 

An amateur production by arrangement with Pinsley Plays written by Raymond Hopkins. 

CAST OF CHARACTERS (stage ages are open to interpretation)

Anita Debanks - Female 45-55: Anita is about fifty-two.  Well educated.  Feels that she has married beneath herself, and consequently, treats her husband with contempt.  She has immaculate dress sense. 

Clive Debanks - Male 45-55: Clive is Anita's husband. He is about forty-nine.  A romantic, who has been starved of love and affection by his wife.  Happy to let the world go by.  Very easy going but does not have much dress sense. 

Jack Reynolds - Male 45-55: Jack is a lifelong friend of Clive.  He is about forty-eight.  He is a confirmed bachelor, who likes female company, without any commitment.  Down to earth and lives for today.  Jack is full of charisma.

Claire Murphy - Female 45-55: Claire is a lifelong friend of Anita.  She is about fifty-three, slightly overweight with a poor dress sense.  She has a habit of misinterpreting a situation and will often say the wrong thing. 

Tracy Barton - Female 20-25: Tracy is about twenty-three and has a lot of her mother's traits, although she does have a compassionate side to her nature.  Tracy likes keeping up with her modern fashion and makes the best of her appearances.  Tracy lives on an emotional roller coaster.  

Annabel Wickson - Female 25-35: Annabel is slim and very attractive.  She has a good dress sense but not very intelligent.  She can be very outspoken and is searching for some fun in her life. 

Mavis Leggett - Female 50-65: Mavis is about sixty-five.  She gives the appearance of being slightly doddery but is always able to hold her own.  Mavis is eccentric and dresses in quirky clothes. 

Emily Roberts - Female 35-45: Emily is very attractive with a good figure.  She comes from a poor background and has never married.  She is very kind and considerate, but painfully shy. 

Henry Clarke - Male 30-40:  A cockney with a lot of chatter.  Happy-go-lucky attitude to life.  A flash dresser. 



Directed by: Sue Hasey / Assistant Director: Robert Walker


PROPOSED Performance Dates:  12th to 27th November 2021


Al Lewis and Willy Clark were once a popular vaudeville comedy team called Lewis and Clark, also known as The Sunshine Boys.

After forty-three years as a team, they parted company over eleven years prior on not too friendly terms, as Willy wanted to continue his career, whereas Al wanted to retire. They have not spoken since.

Willy's nephew, Ben, a talent agent, has been trying to find acting jobs for his uncle since with little success, as Willy's age and declining ability is showing. But a lucrative opportunity comes up when one of the major networks is producing and airing a special on the history of comedy, and want The Sunshine Boys to appear.

Ben has to try and convince the comedy team to reunite for just this one gig. Ben has to try and manage the individual quirks and personalities of each of The Sunshine Boys while putting on a good face to the network that there is harmony within The Sunshine Boys comedy team. Ben also has to manage the lives of two men in the twilight of their lives.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (stage ages are open to interpretation)

Willie Clark - Male: 65-85

Willie is one-half of the great vaudeville comedy team of Lewis & Clark; Willie is a bitter, sarcastic old man, but he hasn’t lost his comedic knack; he’s always dead-on with punch lines and timing; he appears self absorbed and wrapped up in his own life, and doesn’t show any signs of sentimentality or empathy, yet there’s something wholly endearing about him.

Al Lewis - Male: 65-85

Al is the other half of Lewis & Clark; Al is the more timid straight man to Willie’s explosive temperament, yet he can dish it out on an equal level; he accepts the limitations of old age and has learned to enjoy his golden years; however, it’s obvious he misses his old partner and the good times they shared.

Ben Silverman - Male 21-30: Willie’s nephew and agent; Ben cares very much for his uncle and really looks up to him; he tries to find work for Willie, but Willie’s age and personality make this a very difficult task; a practical, hardworking family man, Ben really didn’t inherit any of his uncle’s sense of comedy.

Eddie - Male: 21-30

a young production assistant; everything rolls down onto Eddie’s shoulders, and he’s carrying a great weight trying to get this production ready for broadcast.

Patient - Male: 30-50

An actor playing the role of a patient for the TV broadcast; overacting a bit, he often comes across as a hypochondriac.

Burlesque Nurse - Female: 20-45

Another character for the TV show; this character’s purpose is to be the object of lewd sexual jokes; she should be blonde and curvy.

Registered Nurse - Female: 35-55


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