Auditions will be held by APPOINTMENT ONLY at Rockingham Theatre - 8 Attwood Way, Rockingham - on Wednesday 28th September from 6:30pm OR Saturday 1st October from 9:30am.

Please contact Sue (Director) on 0411 490 123, or to arrange an Audition time.

You are requested to arrive 15 minutes before your allocated Audition time to peruse the script chosen for your choice of Character. If possible, please bring a photo of yourself. Auditions will be recorded for Directors use only.

Please note performance dates are 2nd, 3rd, 4th December & 9th, 10th, 11th December 2022.

All people auditioning MUST be available for all these dates

SYNOPSIS- Written by Britain’s master of farce, Ray Cooney, this larger-than-life tale of comical chaos, is set in a London Hospital, and tells of Doctor Mortimore who must fend off a surprise paternity case. While trying to get himself out of a tricky situation and keeping his wife out of the picture, he plants himself firmly in the middle of a snowball of lies, mistaken identity, inopportune coincidence, and miscommunication. Comedy at its best!


Dr David Mortimer: 50ish. Neurotic, stuffy

Rosemary Mortimer:  50ish. The wife

Dr Hubert Bonney: 50ish. Sidekick to Dr Mortimer, enthusiastic, (PHYSICAL ROLE)

Dr Mike Connolly: 40ish. Fun, exuberant

Matron:   50+. Comedic, (PHYSICAL ROLE)

Sir Willoughby Drake:  60+. Stern

Jane Tate: 40ish. Mother of Leslie

Leslie:  Young. Can be male or female person. Non-conforming offspring of Jane (PHYSICAL ROLE)

Police Sergeant:  40ish. Comedic role

Bill:  60+. Humorous character

Nurse:   Young. Small role

Mother of Dr Bonney: Senior. Small role appears in final stages of play

*Stage ages are open to interpretation