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Love Begins at 50 is Coming Soon!

Hello OOo Theatre Goers!

I hope you're feeling rugged up and warm these past few weeks. Just think, in one more month we'll be heading into September and then woohoo...spring!!

After the incredible success of "Calendar Girls" and "The Mousetrap" we're going back to our roots with a funny farce "LOVE Begins at 50". The cast are all seasoned actors, with terrific chemistry. The crew are skilled and quick to respond to any backstage 'situation'. Please welcome:

Helen Brown

Gordon Park

Peter Scarrott

Sue Walker

Jacki Gahan

Miranda Santalucia

Kirsty Rosenberg

Bronte Born

Travis Adams

Tech Crew Lighting - Jackie Hiscox

Tech Crew Sound - Ian Brown

Assistant Stage Manager/Props - Peter Shaw

Stage Manager - Sam Taylor

Assistant Director - Sue Hasey

Director - Alison Gibson

We hope you get chance to see this. It's good old fashioned fun! Tickets are now on sale on the website. In case you need to follow (and bookmark) the link.

See you there!

Sue Hasey - RTC Production Manager

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