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Upcoming Auditions - WE NEED MEN

After casting Calendar Girls with an (almost all) female cast, we are now chasing some young men for The Mousetrap. RTC is getting ready to stage our next production and we need MEN! Are you between 20-30 and looking for a theatre company that is local, fun and has all the luxuries? Please see the cast list below and contact the director Sue Walker for more details.

Mrs. Boyle - Female 50+

Mrs. Boyle is an imposing woman in a bad temper; she complains about everything. She surveys everything with displeasure and looks at her surroundings disapprovingly. She is strangled at the end of the first act. Mrs. Boyle was a magistrate.

Miss Casewell - Female 20-30

Miss Casewell is described as a young woman masculine in appearance, bearing, and voice. She had a poor, deprived childhood too awful to think about.

Major Metcalf - Male 40-50

Major Metcalf is middle-aged, square-shouldered, military in manner and bearing. He is friendly and very polite. Metcalf is a policeman who is at the guest house undercover to help find a murderer.

Mr. Paravicini - Male 50+

A man of unknown provenance. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up. He is much taken with himself. He is a con man or crook.

Giles Ralston - Male 20-30

Giles is Mollie’s husband of exactly one year. He is arrogant and in his twenties. The two married only three weeks after meeting, so his past remains a mystery.

Mollie Ralston - Female 20-30

Mollie is a young woman in her 20s. She has been married for one year to Giles. Mollie knew him for only three weeks before they married. Mollie inherited the house from her aunt and then decided to turn the property into a guest house. Both husband and wife are inexperienced at running an inn and have no idea what they are doing.

Detective Sergeant Trotter - Male 20-30

Detective Sergeant Trotter is a cheerful, common-place young man who arrives at the guest house on skis. He has a slight cockney accent. He is supposedly there to protect the guests in the household and to find the murderer. He has a habit of twisting a lock of his hair when nervous. Trotter is likable and represents authority. He is not really a policeman.

Christopher Wren - Male 20-30

Christopher Wren is an unkempt and nervous young man. Wren is quick to confide and child-like. He also has a knowledge of and appreciation for fine furniture. Wren is friendly and likes to cook but is also nosy and prone to gossip.

For more information please contact

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